Data & Analytics
Leverage the power of your data for success
Data & Analytics
Leverage the power of your data for success

Data & Analytics

In this fast-paced, data-driven world, organizations should be championing a more modern data management approach. With the volume of data rising and regulations becoming stricter, there’s a need to be proactive rather than reactive.

In order to take advantage of the advancements in data, organizations need to adopt a more data-oriented culture to build and equip your team with analytical thinkers.

How We Engage

Extract and prepare data
Create re-usable and configurable technical modules to extract and prepare data for Data Analytics
Analyze disparate data
Utilize industry recommended practices and processes to synthesize and analyze large amounts of disparate data
Identify correlations
Identify correlations, transactional behavioral patterns, and profiling etc. within the dataset to deliver cutting analysis of data using SQL and NoSQL
Predict future trends
Use Statistical Models to predict futuristic trends and patterns of business processes
Deliver visualizations
Deliver analysis in form of visualizations and stories clear and actionable insights
Variety of tools, technologies and databases
Deliver Data Analytics solutions using variety of tools, technologies and databases / data lakes, both on-premise infrastructure and Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)

What We Do


Enterprise Data Strategy

We partner with you to provide big data consulting and identify key business metrics to create a plan to organize, govern, secure, and share data to achieve business and organizational goals. Do you want data to help you meet your business challenges? We’re here to guide you on the path.

First, we assess your organization for the level of data maturity and the desired end-state through DMM (Data Maturity Modeling). Then, we develop a data charter – a document of policies and processes on how data will be used within your organization. Next, we want to determine the measurements for success of enterprise data. What will be the success factors that clearly demonstrate that your investment is actually delivering the desired effects? Within our strategy, we seek to create an overall roadmap of how you want to see your data organizations created from initial concept to full maturity.

Data Architecture and Design

Getting huge amounts of unstructured data organized and accessible for analytics is no simple task. Plus, data and tools are now in the cloud, which raises new security concerns. Based on the strategy that is being developed, we create a secure architecture/framework that consumes data coming in from various platforms using different technological processes and integrate them into one central place. Understand the data at your fingertips to reduce costs, streamline operations, and solve real problems for the public.
Data Modeling Tools: CA Erwin

Data Engineering Tools: Informatica, MS SSIS, Azure Data Factory Services, AWS Analytics Services, and Talend

Data Quality and Metadata Management: Informatica Data Quality

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Gathering, storing and providing access to critical data for reporting remains a major administrative and technological challenge. We help you build a strong foundation for reporting by building data marts, implementing shared data services, and establishing “gold standards” for supporting various tools and technologies. Take greater advantage of data to identify trends that impact your agency and the public it serves in a visually digestible format using modern day tools and technologies.
Tableau, MS Power BI and Thoughtspot (to name a few)

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Ignitec prides itself on analyzing your data, understanding trending analysis, and predicting outcomes of your business based on historical data that has been collected. We know one size doesn’t fit all, as each business area has different verticals of data analytics.

We seek to understand what the data is trying to convey, predict outcomes of your business processes for the future, and create segments of your customers and transactions to identify areas of growth through new product offerings for your organization.
Marketing Analytics

We analyze what types of consumers are interacting with certain promotions across all your organization's marketing efforts.

Customer Analytics

We dive into what type of consumers are purchasing what types of products, and how we can maximize their likelihood of returning.

Financial Analytics

We evaluate the company's financial situation including revenue profit, etc.
Segmentation, Clustering, Market Basket Analysis, Predictive Modeling

Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated team is constructed to ensure all processes that are built to create your data lake are working as expected and ensure that we can intervene and correct the process if there are any failures. We are continuously measuring the performance of the existing processes and making recommendations to enhance these systems to reach optimum value.

Success Stories

Delivered a Customer Analytics Platform for our client (a Non Profit organization) that answered, “Who are the Members?” and “What are his/her transaction Behavior patterns?” to run effective and efficient Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Reduced Business Operations – by 40% –  for our client’s (a Financial Lending company) Single-Family Business Unit by enabling Self-Serve Analytics on large amounts of Mortgage Data.

Developed a Data Warehouse and Data Marts for our client (an Internet, Cable, and Phone company) , integrating Member Transaction, Sales,  Order Inventory from different channels and sources for Advanced Analytics.

Why Ignitec?

Breadth & Depth
Our experts have the technical depth, business innovation expertise and industry experience to deliver end-to-end technology solutions quickly.
People & Technology
We believe in nurturing relationships and ensuring our customers are 100% happy. Technology drives change. We focus on staying ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape.
Your organization and you challenges are unique. That’s why we offer unique solutions that are aligned with needs, goals, and budget.

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