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Ignitec Inc. Launches New Strategic Direction and Websites for Technology Staffing Solutions, Project Services and Finance & Accounting

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Sterling, Virginia — October 12, 2021 — Ignitec Inc., a leader in technology staffing and project solutions as well as finance & accounting staffing, announced the launch of its new strategic direction and the new websites for each of their respective business lines.

The strategy was determined from client feedback and the overarching need to provide amazing technologists, highly qualified financial & accounting professionals as well as best-of-breed technology solutions. Our project services strategy is driven by client need, marshalled by true subject matter expertise, and are on time, budget and scope. Each division now has its own brand presence and allows for the Company to speak directly to their audience focused on their specific needs.

The new technology staffing, project services, and finance and accounting sites offer an updated look and feel along with a sleek mobile user interface. The navigation has been streamlined and tools that candidates and clients need have been added. The new job posting, and application module was added to provide a simple applicant experience right from their mobile device or desktop.

The voice and content of the sites is now dedicated to their specific audience and shows how much our candidates mean to us. Ignitec was founded to ignite careers and we intend to show that much more then we say it. We’re your partner, in your success.

“I could not be more excited to share the vision for our company and our new websites with you,” said Howie Huang, President and CEO, Ignitec Inc. “When I came to this country at a young age, I saw the building of bridges and the overall connection of people compelling. Now Ignitec is able to build bridges between its clients that require help in both technology and finance staffing along with assisting their specific technology solutions and truly connecting with our candidates and staff.”

Ignitec Inc. looks forward to the road ahead and the next steps. Need staff! Ready to ignite your career? Either way, check out ignitecinc.com, ignitecit.com and ignitecfa.com. Looking to build, implement or integrate technology, reach out to us at ignitecsolutions.com.

About Ignitec Inc.:
Ignitec Inc. is a leader in technology staffing and solutions as well as finance & accounting staffing. Based on Sterling, VA., Ignitec is dedicated to looking at the candidate as a whole, then matching them with the position that allows them to ignite success for our clients. www.ignitecinc.com

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