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Cyber Security Solutions

Did you know that over 70% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by users? Prevent attacks by fortifying the last mile – the user! In our experience, we recognize that security products and practices often ignore the most fundamental element of an organization: the user. Users are often provided with long, out-dated and monotonous security training that is mainly designed to meet compliance requirements. It is not surprising that over 70% of cyber security incidents are caused by users.
Our core principle is that a smart, security-aware user is a critical part of an organization’s defense against cyber threats. When people are empowered with innovative applications for cybersecurity, they can be productive while staying secure.

Ignitec, along with our partner, SecurityAdvisor, bring to you a solution that

For rapid support to secure and monitor your systems, contact us about our Cyber Security Solutions.

Cloud Enablement

There is more to cloud enablement than moving operations to the cloud. Working in the cloud helps organizations gain agility and take advantage of trending technologies, improving their competitive advantage. Our team supports organizations in all stages of cloud journey. Which stage are you?
Rely on our cloud experts to enable a smooth transition to the cloud and help your organization realize their return on investment. To optimize cloud enablement, organizations contact us for technical expertise.

Cloud Consulting

React fast, speed time-to-market, improve customer satisfaction . . . and more.

Cloud Implementation

Workload planning, execution and management services . . . at your doorstep.

Cloud Migration

Rehost, Revise, Rearchitect, Rebuild and Replace . . . we have you covered.

Moving to the cloud, rely on our experts to enable a smooth transition to the cloud and help your organization realize their return on investment.

Data & Analytics

In this fast-paced, data-driven world, organizations should be championing a more modern data management approach. With the volume of data rising and regulations becoming stricter, there’s a need to be proactive rather than reactive.

In order to take advantage of the advancements in data, organizations need to adopt a more data-oriented culture to build and equip your team with analytical thinkers.

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