Ignitec Inc – Project Services

The New Strategic Direction of Ignitec and Its Resultant Portals

At Ignitec, we have one motive: to ignite technology. We work with organizations to seamlessly integrate advanced technologies with their business processes. We evaluate the needs of our clients and offer custom made solutions that leverage technology in a cost-effective manner. We understand the impact of smart technology and we aim to improve our clients’ processes with it.

As the next step in our journey, we are pleased to announce our new strategic direction and corresponding websites for each of the respective business lines.

As a customer-first company, this strategic direction aligns with our mission to provide the best for our clients. It was developed in tandem with client feedback and provides skilled technologists and accomplished financial and accounting professionals who deliver on time, budget, and scope. Each division comes with a dedicated website that represents the unique objectives, processes, and channels.

With an adept user interface for each of these websites, we aim to raise the bar for our online presence. With a strong focus on productivity and efficiency, these websites are particularly dedicated to delivering a single integrated solution for each of the respective domains. The design focuses on a simplified customer experience with streamlined and consolidated key navigation tools based on customer feedback. Further, searching, applying, and posting have been optimized to provide a responsive and mobile-friendly experience.

The sleek voice of our website focuses on providing distinct messaging that is unique to each domain. This aims to deliver a more customized look and showcase how much each candidate means to us. Especially with the changing technical job market, we aim to keep these sites lively for our audience.

Our Technology Staffing website (https://ignitecit.com) provides a unified solution for all your needs in Technology Staffing. From igniting the future of software to fueling the technology career of candidates, it accounts for several services: Application, Software and Mobile Development, ERP, PMO Suite, Information Security, Cloud Enablement, Data Analytics, and Network, Infrastructure and Database.

It also brings forth an effective portal for our partners and candidates alike, to connect with us. With an efficient job search platform with key filtering features, strategic connections with our global partners, and robust screening and qualification processes, the Technology Staffing division methodologically work for client success through all processes.

Similarly, the Finance Accounting Staffing website (https://ignitecfa.com) provides for Mid-Level Finance & Accounting as well as Executive Finance & Accounting placements, Datasheet for Government Agencies and Datasheet for Satellite Communications and Telecom.

Adaptable to specific client concerns through candidate-based recruiting, this division embodies candidate centered recruiting coupled with our flexible global network of partners that act as an extension to our services. We offer recruiter’s visibility to qualified candidates through strategic partnerships aligned on culture, geographical fit and expert industry knowledge while also maintaining our commitment to excellence of service.

The Project Services website (https://ignitecsolutions.com) offers the right platform for those looking to build, implement or integrate technology. With services built on Cyber Security Solutions, Data & Analytics, and Internationalization Solutions, this portal provides room for companies and government entities to contact us to ignite their technology.

With these three websites outlining the key processes of our channel, we hope they ease the journey of our clients and candidates and make our portal more accessible. We genuinely believe that our success lies within your success and we are excited to see how this new addition shapes our future. We look forward to the road ahead and await all the opportunities it will present us with.